Oct 17, 2005

catching up...

I've been spending a lot of time at the Student Recreation Center. Mostly playing pool and table tennis with Dinesh. Often times we are accompanied by Pavan, Divya, George, Joseph, and Willy. I'm getting better at pool. Used to play with Rinku mama and his friends whenever we visited Meerut. Huh, that was over 4 years ago. Now, Dinesh is working with me. He's pretty good; played for five years in Taiwan.

Neeraj Bhaiya came over from California the week before last. He had a conference to attend on weekdays and spent the weekend with us. Mausaji also came over from North Carolina - a) to attend a pravachan and b) to see Neeraj B. Nana-Nani picked Neeraj B up from Emory and brought him home on Sunday. We celebrated his 25th birthday 2 days late. Papa and MausaJi brought the cake and it was AWESOME! Nana-Nani gave him some insight into "the first 25 years of ones life being brahcharya and thinking about marriage (grihasth jeevan) once one turns 25" :)) hahaha!! I was feeling sorry for Neeraj B. For the rest of the day Neeraj B, Hansag, and I talked in my room while trying to assemble my study table. The task was too overwhelming and we decided to go to Fun Bowl to play some pool (yippy!!). There, again, we were talking about a lot of things. It was pretty good, it helped me decide about a lot of the things that I've been wanting to do and NEED to do since a long time. Later on we decided to the movies, reached the place, couldn't decide what we wanted to watch, and then realized that Hansag has a paper to write. Monday, all three of us - Neeraj B, Hansag, and I - went to my university. They sat through my Psychology class. Hansag found it boring, but Neeraj B enjoyed it. After the class we headed to Aderhold and looked at the restaurants to decide where we'd like to eat. I went to my Calculus class and we ate at Ali Baba around 1:30. After that we went to the Village and played FREE pool (again!). Nana picked up around 4 and we spent about 4+ hours at Nana-Nani's place. It was okay, I feel asleep in the middle of Nana's pravachan :D. Neeraj B's return flight was on Tuesday at 6 something. Nobody was at home on Tuesday so Papa dropped him at Nani's place in the morning. He took a cab from there to the airport. On Monday night, I transfered about 6+ hours of music on his new iPod Nano. We saw him after a long, long time and it was really worth it.

Everything has been going alright. I made my schedule for the spring semester. It's pretty heavy on Tuesdays and Thursday with the Incept training. I'll be doing a lot of work next semester (way more that this semester) with those 6 classes (18 credits), and hopefully getting trained to become an Inceptor and a CA. Whew! Got so many plans, so many dreams, so many ambitions... are they gonna come true?

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