Nov 3, 2005

this is college...

I cannot log onto our school's wireless through my laptop because supposedly a hacker has taken over my machine and it is now a threat. So, the Georgia State tech department blocked my log-in ID. In order to get it reactivated, I'd have to reformat my computer and tell them about it. Yeah, I am sad about this. I don't want to reformat, it's too much work. Can't avoid it, 'cause internet is my life. All this crap took about an hour because I had to contact the tech people, tell them what the problem was, then they looked up stuff, and informed me about it.

Had a film test at 11; I entered the class 10 minutes late, finished the test in 20 minutes. Was planning on attending the Indian Student Association (ISA) meeting at 12; but instead decided to reach work early; was inside the office by 12:05. Left work at 3 and was back at school by 3:30. Didn't take lunch to school today 'cause I didn't feel like packing anything in the morning. So, before my 4 O'clock class I had some fries at the University Center cafeteria. For some reason I was tired by the middle of the class. Today's lecture was very interesting though. For the first time in Critical Thinking, I actually understood what the teacher was talking about. It was pretty cool :). After class, I again went to the University Center and had a veggie burger. It was better than Burger King.

I was sitting with a classmate while having my late lunch. Discovered a few things about her and her girlfriend. This was the first time I actually talked to a person about their relationship with a person of the same sex. When she said that some girl standing in the line was hot, asked me not to turn 'cause it would seem too obvious that she was talking about her, and kept on staring at this person... I got a bit speculative. Then she told me about a girl from her high school and some sort of conversation they had about what's up with their dating lives. This classmate of mine (don't want to give out her identity) didn't really want to tell her high school friend about her status. This particular sentence increased my curiosity. I just straight up asked her who she was dating and she told me - "a girl." The question that she then asked me, which was a given I guess, was "Do you feel odd? I mean, are you like I'm never talking to this girl again!" To which I simply laughed and told her that I'm open to everything, I actually wrote a paper in favor of gay marriage. After that I asked her a couple of things about her past relationships with guys and her experiences with girls, what she liked/disliked in each, what she prefers and why etc. It was a new experience, talking about these things with someone who has had a first hand experience with this. I would like to conversate with her more often.

Last, but definitely not the least... I met Vivek Sah at the rec center today. He's a PhD student with a concentration in Business Administration, did his MBA in Finance from India, worked in Mumbai for 3yrs, is originally from Delhi, and came to US a few months ago. He was playing table tennis with some people when I entered. I sat in a chair and watched Larry play pool and these other people play table-tennis. After a while I decided to get a table-tennis racket myself. Played with some dude and had conversation about my accent with Vivek. He has some pretty intersting beliefs about some things. Some that I've thought about, but not in great detail. Others that I didn't really bother considering. We talked for about 2 hours, touching upon a whole lot of things. I certainly don't agree with all that he has to say, but I really liked listening to his opinions because as a youngster I haven't really come across a person who thinks the way Vivek does. Well, I guess he's not really so young after already having worked for 3yrs, after completing his MBA. But I like the fact that I got to meet and talk to him. Would definitely like to see more of him.


  1. A nice insight into the happenings in your life, I see.
    I would say that you'll have to swicth on Windows Firewall, that way you'll be less prone to such attacks.
    keep posted n all the best at your studies.

  2. Huh, yeah I do need to switch that on. I'll be doing the hardwork of transferring everything on an external hardrive, reformatting, and then transferring everything back tonight.