Mar 10, 2006

bygone days

The following post is in present tense, just cuz I feel like it...

For the first time in four weeks I'm seeing kids, and I mean groups-n-groups of elementry and middle school kids, at Fernbank. This sight certainly brings a smile upon my lips and forces me to just slide my hands in the pockets and look at the excited bunch for several minutes.

Chaparones are making their groups walk in straight lines, with a partner. Some kids are holding hands, some playing and kidding along with their partners.

Man, I sure remember those days. I can even go back down memory lane and still picture myself holding hands with my partner, getting on the bus, singing along the radio, kidding around and having fun with my classmates.

It only seems like yesterday when we stole Paras Pugalia's shoe on our way back to Xavier's in 5th grade [or what it 4th grade?] and the entire bus with girls and boys in separate groups bursted out singing joote do paise lo... paise do joote lo.

And of course, our hinsaya hinsaya was [and I believe, still is] a classic. Ah! that hinsaya! None of us, and I mean none of the 125 some students that rode on each bus, knew the words to this classic back-to-school-from-picnic song except Sarthak Bedi. He used to sing out the words and the rest of us did our part as the chorus by yelling HINSAYA HINSAYA!

I remember a few words to this classic one, and these are the only words I ever remembered...
alu matar tamatar lo
sadak ka maal muft mein lo

memories: evening moon [view]
melodies: chhod aaye hum [read] [listen]
fragrance: mera naya bachpan [unravel]

"the present eventually becomes a beautiful memory and opens the doors to let the future become the present... that friends, is life!"
--Geetali Sharma (ME)


  1. u linked it all nicely - the children in america to the class of xaviers down the memory lane?
    n i never heard to that 'hinsaya hinsaya'.. i guess its time to google :)

    that song from 'maachis' in ur recommendations happens to be one of favs btw..
    and and and - did u look at the 'moon' shot i posted recently.. not so good but i still liked it :)

  2. First of all... Thank you!

    About hinsaya, I too tried to google it, but no luck :( ...otherwise I would have had the honors to post it here.

    Maachis: Chhod Aaye Hum (my fav lines)...
    "jahan tere pairo ke kamal gira karte the... hase to do gaalo mein bhawar pada karte the... teri kamar ke bal pe nadi muda karti thi... hasi teri sun-sunke phasal paka karti thi..."

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