May 24, 2006


I realize that I haven't written anything for quite sometime now. I tell people that this is due to being busy, but in reality it is laziness.

I am taking summer courses in an effort to get ahead. Until June 6th, I'll have classes every single day. From the 15th, however, I'll have classes on every Tuesday and Thursday. I'm not working at the Computer Lab until June 7th. Am still going to Fernbank on every weekend though.

A week ago, I helped Suban in filming. Mine was a special appearance towards the end. I don't know if he has edited the entire thing yet, but I'm eager to see it because I also served as the camera-(wo)man for quite a large portion of the film.

I have moved my photoblog from Blogger to Shutterchance. The new URL is Please drop by if and when you get a chance.


  1. Hmm.. so this post was a notification-post about a change in your photoblogging address..
    Well, at least a post came afterall!!
    And I wish you cool down soon :)

  2. Thanks Amrit. I'm cool now ;)