Nov 14, 2007

Children's Sight

Do you usually smile when you see a little kid? Why? (Or why not?)
a) The kid is cute.
b) He/She reminds you of your childhood days.
c) You're just used to smiling when seeing a kid.
d) The parent/guardian looks at you, and you're forced to smile.
e) The kid looks at you, you want to give him/her a good impression.
f) Everybody does it! It's a natural law.

Thank you for your answers. Please add something else if you wish.

Happy Children's Day!


  1. b) {S,}he reminds me of my childhood days, when people used to smile looking at me, because looking at me reminded them of their childhood days, when other people used to smile looking at them, remembering of their childhood days,....

  2. A
    sometimes B

    Trinidad, WI

  3. E if you are a paedophile or a hypocrite.

    I treat child the way i treat my friends.

  4. @neelabh : Trying to cast a good impression hardly makes some a Pedophile. As for hypocrites, I assume, all of show show hypocrisy, at least to some extent.

    One important reason why smile, while looking at a little kid, is not mentioned here. By general intuition and instincts, we assume kids to behave idiotically or rather without any sense of rationale/causality, doing things without any sense at all. However, more often that not, kids do things that show much more presence of mind, memory and sense of reasoning than what one would assume considering their age and underdeveloped mind. The theme of South Park is based on similar idea, where kids do and say things, far more brainiac and, not to mention profane, considering their age. This not only creates humor but also makes the show less offensive.

  5. It reminds me of freedom , you very not bound by constraints ...

  6. @aditya
    ...haha, your comment seems like a South Park promotion. Are they paying you? Guess, It's your turn to give a treat now!

  7. SOUTH PARK rocks!!
    Its the best and most brainiac show and the wittiest spoof ever created.
    Hail Eric Cartman!! :P