Dec 4, 2007

Dhan Dhana Dhan DHOKHA

Just sat through Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. I had seen bad ratings, but read one good review. Would have watched it nonetheless, but the review made me look forward to it. However, I was very, very disappointed. The review was a dhokha and the film was a pain!

The bottom-line is, there really was no buildup. Okay, we get it this bankrupt football club needs to win a championship, and 30 Million British Pounds in order to save their club from being sold to some builder. BUT, at least try to show how in the freakin' world this team of fatties lacking practice or any good players goes on to win a championship! According to Boman Irani, the team's coach, they had to win 30 matches. I only saw three, played against the SAME TEAM - Aston!

John 'hot body' Abraham, plays for Aston when the film starts, randomly comes to this South Hall (fatties) Team, signs a contract with some other team in the middle of the movie, and then comes back to SH to play the championship game. WTF!

This Bangladeshi guy ends up crying in every scene because no one gives a damn about his team. Apparently, he came to UK just to play for South Hall.

For an unknown reason, the viewers are made aware of the sad little detail that Arshad Warsi and his wife do not have any children. In the middle of the movie, for no apparent reason, the wife becomes pregnant (no sex scene either!). How did she become pregnant? An affair, I'm sure, because Warsi is always playing football or entertaining his fatty friends, whom the wife despises. Anyways, so by the end the little bastard is born, named after the HERO of the film - J 'hot body' A - after all he's the only one who knows how to really play this 'pao hila gend uda khel'. The film, finally, comes to an end after every single damn individual gets his bloody photo clicked with the little bastard, even the team mates who never had a single dialogue, but could be scene in the background every now and then.

Unless the version I saw was significantly cut and lacking major parts of the movie, this was a total waste of time!