Aug 5, 2010

Kaanch si madira...

Out of the blue, without any fault of mine - and I mean it, I did nothing! Followed all rules of decent clothing - my nose started acting up on Sunday evening. Attack of the cold! It was taking a major toll on concentration and Monday night I realized that whiskey works wonders in curing stupid runny noses than any over the counter drug. That night was a good night :). Next morning I was almost cured, and the morning after that fully cured!

Next arrived Mr. Deadly Cough. Ignored it for one night - not good! Two tiny sips the next morning, kept my throat clear the e-n-t-i-r-e day! The day has now faded away and so has the drug. Thus, I return to the [bar] counter, pour myself a drink, sit back and s-i-p it this Thursday night while reading about John Baskerville.

Golden opportunity to have the golden drink!

On another note: came up with this while trying my dumbness on the guitar. First string, alternate frets.

First, Random Try by middlseat

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