Dec 26, 2004

Hansag came back, mama went back...

Harshu Mama’s flight was at 10 something this morning. Mom asked him whether or not it was on time, but he did not bother checking. Papa and I dropped him at the airport by 8:30 (I believe), got back home, and went to sleep again. I got up at around 3 and found out that Harshu Mama’s flight was indeed late. He was cutting time at the airport.

We got Hansag from the camp yesterday. On our way there, Harshu Mama connected his iPod to the car and we listened to some oldies that he had. After reaching the camp sight, all four of us (Papa, Mom, Mama and I) were shocked to see what they had done to the kids. Girls were yelling, “hum Bharat ki naari hain, phool nahi chingari hain!” After their presentation, a couple of adults talked about some stuff. This one lady was really passionate about her Indian heritage and was trying to convince the parents not to be afraid of how their kids are going to handle India, but let them cope with it themselves. She was the only person whose words I could actually understand. All the others need major speech classes!

At first, Hansag was not behaving properly and was very disrespectful, but slowly it got better. After getting home, Papa went somewhere and the rest of us fell asleep while watching the movie “Taking Lives.” Harshu Mama woke everybody a couple of minutes before the bread was to be taken out. So, we started the movie again and had bread and orange juice.

My dear Hansag brother has changed quite a bit after the camp. I was surprised to see him sitting online and not reading sports news. He was reading about Lord Vishnu and other Hinduism related things. I am learning quite a bit from him :).

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