Dec 19, 2004

seven-day-yoga camp

We were supposed to get at that seven-day-yoga camp by 2 pm, but we started out at 2:45 and reached after 5. Hansag was to be dropped there, because Nana suggested it would be good for him. I was not planning to stay there because I wanted to rest and only rest during the 2-week vacation. After Mr. Pathak told us what they were going to do at the camp, I was really wishing to stay there. They were going to have a lot of discussions about Hinduism and India. First of all I love discussions and second, I don’t know much about either of these things and want to learn more about them. On asking papa whether I could stay or not, he simply said no. I decided to go sit in the car for the rest of the time we were there.

On our way back I did not say much. A few words that did come out of my mouth were all sarcastic. On papa’s asking, “When and where did you have Steak-n-Shake’s shake?” I responded by saying the word “no”. When we started out on the road I murmured the words, “acha hai, mujhe hi aur arguments mil rahe hain.”

aaj ka kaam kal karo, kal ka kaam parso
pralay-vralay koi hone ka nayi, thahar jao barso

After getting back home I played the movie “Dhoom.” Papa joined me, while mom sat in her room reading a novel.

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