Oct 26, 2004

I couldn't be on TV because Tech is what I care about

Saw Katrina in the morning outside of Mr. Lee’s room and found out that people in the study lab are going to be on TV. Janki told me about this last week, but it slipped my mind. Katrina asked me whether I would be there or not, but I had set and appointment with Mrs. Kasting to go over my essay. So, I missed the camera. While passing through the study lab I peeped in and discovered that everybody was doing his or her work very diligently. I was quite impressed!

I reached Mrs. Kasting’s door at exactly 8am. She read the essay and said that it was really well written and was very consistent, written in a chronological manner, and was not jumping around from one thing to another. She commented that I am a good writer and that I should have been in her AP class. hehehe… I told her what the problem with that was – I can’t analyze literary works :( She changed a few words and so did Marcel, whom I showed the paper during first period. All of it is coming out great, absolutely marvelous!

Hey, prabhu gyandata, admission humara karvayiye; garvit ho jan-jan Geetu ka naam sun, aisa kuch kar jayiye.

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  1. hmmmmm...weird
    your entry says oct 26 '04 but i swear today (jan 01 '05) is the first time i have seen it.
    anyhoo...HAPPY NEW YEAR, GEETALI! and Belated Merry Christmas if you celebrate it.
    Good luck on your application to Ga Tech and may this year bring you and yours all joy and happiness.
    Hope u didnt know anyone affected by the tsunamis.
    Take care of yourself.