Oct 25, 2004

GaTech, here I come!

While giving the Statistics test I thought I was doing pretty well, but after comparing my answers and giving the reasoning for those answers I lost hope. Anyways…

Today was the day when I handed out the printed copies of my GaTech essay to a number of teachers, asking them to read it and make any comments they might have. I had two extra copies with me, which I was asking my friends to go over if we weren’t doing anything in class. All of them said that I had done a good job, a few pointed out some mistakes, and almost everyone thought that the sentence, “Most of the time… …that too with parents,” was too long and the idea stated was unclear. Katrina was the only one who analyzed the essay in great depth and made a number of things sound a lot better.

After coming back home I revised the essay for the fourth time. It’s less than sixty-five lines now and sounds pretty good. I will see Mrs. Kasting tomorrow morning and will get a response from Brew, Kirk, Roach, Shirley and Wright on Wednesday. Nana should send me his comments by tomorrow. My goal is to send the application by Friday, latest.

I want to attend Georgia Institute of Technology as much as I want Purely Gupt in my life. So, all of you who believe in the divine power of the sky (Mr. God), remember me in your prayers.
Aasman Bless!


  1. Hooray, a new post! Welcome back, Geetali. Good luck in your application to Georgia Tech.

  2. geetu,
    i think u should leave the praying out. seriously, considering the traits of Tech's incoming class, there is no question about u not getting in. in any case, best of luck, geetu.


  3. You want to attent Ga Tech because you want Purely Gupt in your life? Who/What is that? Very curious.

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