Oct 21, 2004

bomb threat

There was a bomb threat at our school today. Even before school started there were signs that said something about a bomb being at school. Hansag told me that Police, Fire Trucks, and Ambulance was standing somewhere, I didn’t see them though. Over the intercom the Principal asked everybody to turn off their cell phones and radios. Everything seemed to be okay that’s why the school remained open. Many students were checking out though. All throughout the day students were being called to front and attendance offices.

Around second period they received a phone call saying something about a bomb threat. So, at the end of that period we evacuated to the football field and remained there for over two hours. Called up dad to let him know what was going on. By the end of the two hours three news helicopters – fox 5, channel 2 action news, and 11 alive – were moving in circles in the sky.

We missed lunch and half the student population had left. Remained in second period for the rest of the day and did nothing. Hansag’s and my name was also called over the intercom but when we went outside there was no one there. We asked the people standing there “who checked us out?” and they said they didn’t now and that we should find the person somewhere in the parking lot. Nobody was there, so we went back to class.

I was tired by the time I got to the bus and had an extremely nice nap. :)

While talking about this at home I suggested that this could have been the senior prank. I’m not really sure what time of the year senior prank usually happens, but this clearly was a hoax. One of the students in my English class even received a text message on his cell saying, “Bomb at school. Check out.” We tried to retrieve the phone number but couldn’t do so. There’s a definite possibility of this being a senior prank, and it was one I must say it was a good one.

PS: Btw, the only thing I was worried about the entire time we were outside was that – my lunch was in my locker!

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