May 4, 2005

180 degrees around...

Changes are taking place faster than I expected. I sound different, feel different. My priotities have changed and so has my attitude. I'm planning of doing things that I have not done before. Not only planning, new and unique things are taking place already!

Had the AP Statistics exam today, which went well. Dad dropped me, Mom was going to pick me up around 4:30 but was caught in traffic. While handing me her cell to call Mom, Kavita asked me if I need a ride home. Didn't ever imagine that she would ask me something like that (no particular reason), on top of that I didn't think my parents would start taking risks this soon. Told Mom that Kavita lives close by and has no problem dropping me. She asked me questions due to concern, but at the end her answer was "yes". I rode home with a classmate of mine, who's the same age (well, a couple of months younger) as me. New, very new!

After school on Tuesday, I'm going to Andree's house to study for AP Government exam, which is next Wednesday. Haven't participated in this "study group" thing before, but I gotta start somewhere at some time. Marcel and Paula will be joining us as well.

The Government exam is in the morning and A LOT of seniors are taking it. So, maybe after wards we may hit Fun Bowl and use those 2-free Bowling game coupons we got. Told/Asked Mom about it. She asked me some question.. who's going? who'll be driving? etc. etc. Haven't heard a yes from her side yet, but trust me.. I AM GOING!

Small changes, big impact. Life's taking a turn; a turn... I'm liking already!


  1. Don't let it stop here. You have a long way to go! Brighter side of the picture is always better. Good that you got a glimpse of it now :-)

  2. Lifez nuthin but 2 change continuously!

  3. yup, "the only thing constant in life is change!" --for some reason i really like that quote!