May 3, 2005


Prom was a success. I didn't go just reporting what I learned from eye witnesses. Reading some blogs and talking to some folks, I learned that many GHPers went to their prom with other GHPers (not someone from their school). I could have done that, it would have been perfect! Only downfall... it took me a while to realize this and well, I had already decided not to go. To state the bare truth, I regret my decision. Now that I think about it, I wish I were in that picture... prom dates walking down the red carpet, being captured by Shirley's camera, looking amazing in those elegant dresses, dancing, singing, laughing... **a deep, deep sigh** !

One mere decision can sometimes change how we see the world. People learn from their mistakes, a trout phrase but true! I guess, I've finally learned. It doesn't matter where you are, what surrounds you, or the era you are in. What matters is that you enjoy and participate in the activities and adventure and the practices of that place. Yes, they are traditions, they take place every year, but these annual events are the lasting memories of a period well lived and

Why did I enjoy GHP so much? Because I let myself loose! I was myself, but at the same time I was truly a GHPer. I didn't refuse to go to the Saturday night dances, I didn't sit in my room when the she-women-man-haters-club crowded in Jakina and Megan's room to share the day's stories. I didn't limit myself or create a boundary around me. And that's why I enjoyed!

Huh.. well, High School is over! So, I guess no memories here, but I got years and years ahead of

An Announcement:
Thursday is Senior Skip Day. We are the class of '05 and the date on Thursday is 05-05-05. It's this years last, but my FIRST skip day. Didn't participate in any others, but am starting now. At least I could say, "Although I hated living in America because I felt that four years of my teenage life were wasted, I learned that surroundings have little to do with what mind is in control of." I'm beginning to live in High School itself, so I guess it didn't take me all that long. I got brains in K-12 itself :)


  1. You didn't go to you prom? Bummer.
    I only went to one of mine... the "senior" one i guess you could call it cause that was the big one.. at least in my view. It was so much fun. Buying the suit. Getting the corsage. Asking my date lol. It went well...except that the dance area was kinda hot. But it had a poolside area and that was really nice. Good memories :-)

    Okay....I don't know how that is supposed to help you lol. Once again, I am typing what comes to mind.

    Take care, Shivee

  2. Plus.... no prom = no prom pics
    Double Bummer.

    I like to watch pretty pictures :-D

  3. oh well, it's in the past now... this kid has learnt her lesson (atleast i hope so). still have a lot of adventures ahead of me, let's see how face those ;)