Apr 28, 2005

21st Wedding Anniversary

According to today's date - April 28, 2005 - Mom-Dad have been married for 21 years.


I've been alive for only 18 years and they have been living together for 21 years!! Just amazing how two individuals from separate familes, brought-up amongst different people, different surroundings, get to be spouses and spend years and years and years together. A time comes when the years spent with the spouse exceeds the number of years spent with parents. At one time the parents knew everything about their child, but then it's not the parents anymore. It's the husband or the wife who knows the person way, way better than anybody had ever known or would know.

Heh... life's a funny little tale.


  1. ajeeb daastan hai ye, kahan shuru kahan khatam... ye manzile hain kaunsi, na vo samajh sake na hum

    life's a strange tale, starts at one point ends someplace completely different... what goals are we in search of, nobody has really understood

  2. I don't think it takes so long to understand each other in the case of husband wife. For some unknown reasons, there is always a gap of understanding between parents and kids. On the other hand, people tend to more easily understand their life partners :)

    and I think that's good for everyone. If everyone followed their parents, we would have been living in forests even today(I know Geetali, but repeating does not reduces this sentence's worth ;))

  3. It's a good thing that there's not much (if any) difference between spouses. After all, from day one the sole purpose of being with that person is to share life. Husband and wife's are life partners. If they have very different view points then their life's will be torn apart.

  4. If two people have such widely differing views, why would they get married in the first place? i mean, i guess you are referring to arranged marriages, but in this day and age do you expect to go down that road? and even then, won;t yu at least meet the person before and give consent? I cant imagine that your parents would marry to someone you have never met or consented to!

  5. what are you talking about Shivee? I don't know where you got that from. I don't mean anything of that sort.

  6. i got it from your comment above mine.
    "Husband and wife's are life partners. If they have very different view points then their life's will be torn apart. "
    i dunno, maybe i misinterpreted it in truth. I just read it and that was what popped to mind so i tagged it.

  7. I was commenting on what Anshu wrote, basically agreeing with him and writing more about the reason why the couples cannot be different.

    Maybe my writing wasn't explicit.