Apr 26, 2005

barse baadal...!

Water drops poured down all thoughout the day, but I didn't get a chance to witness its beauty until after stepping down at the bus stop. At first I walked briskly in order to avoid getting wet. Soon, however, I let myself loose and started walking in a much slower pace. Got quite wet by the time I reached home. Asked Hansag to take a few pictures and went outside to feel the sky's tears on my warm face!

rain, rain, oh sweet rain! Posted by Hello

I'm very confused about college. Struggling to figure out which subject area I should focus on. Today only I was looking at Georgia State's Philosophy program. Would love to learn about that, but becoming a Philosopher and focusing only in Philosophy will not suffice. I need something else besides it. Up until yesterday I had two courses in mind - Computer Information Systems and Finance. Both come under the Business program. Now I'm thinking about getting two degrees from separate schools. Possiblities include Business and Liberal Arts.

I am much of a thinker, an observer, a rationalist. So, majors like Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology are obvious choices. But where will these take me?? I am interested in Business and Computers (technical stuff) as well. The only major that combines both of these interests together is Computer (or Management) Information Systems. Getting two degrees that circle around the same area (CIS and Finance) will be too specific and will not leave me with many choices. Choosing two different paths however will widen the career possibilities even further.

My interests do cover a wide range and I am interested in learning about new things be it Astronomy, Geology, or Anthropology. It's taking me longer than expected to decide on what will be the right choice for me. The most a student can do is a double major. For me, however, that's the least I can do!


  1. hi there,

    nice to see u comment back. i wont keep it back - sometimes i used to wonder if u ever notice that u have got comments, or ever opened them and looked at them, and ever replied to them, even at ur own page maybe. but now that u just did it, i've got a grin on my face LOL.

    the pic's nice... seems almost out of a Bollywood film - hehe


  2. It has to look like a bollywood shot! I got potentials you know :P

    Reading and replying to comments is good Business skills... gotta do that to be successful in whatever I do!

  3. Dude koolsome,

    Stop flattering her and be realistic! The pic does not even show her face clearly. I think this picture could have been improved many folds by zooming in a little bit. Right now lot of distracting elements such as those stairs, tree behind Geetali and ofcourse the trees in front are present in the picture. My guess is the picture was focused on Geetali but not enough importance has been given to the subject.

    But it's good attempt I must say!

  4. Geetali,

    Regarding major selection I think you are worrying too much. Just relax a bit and give it more thinking. Use your logic and interests in deciding what to do. Try talking to folks from the majors of your interest, that will give you a better idea. For example, talking philosophy and actually studying it is actually two totally different things :)

  5. where to begin?
    1. love the pic. and is that really your house? it looks awesome. i love your lawn and the trees to the side
    2. next time yu have rain.. go get really wet and then take a close up pic as anshu suggests lol. i'm sure it will be smashing! ;-)(maybe even as hot as Kajol in DDLJ..remember the song where she is in the rain and then in the towel? Gosh i could drool just thinking about it)
    3. anshu is right again. philosophy is a great thing to read and study..even as a part time course. but to do it as a major, that might become tedious. I have always heard you talk about business so i guess this is a new idea to me too. And yea, if you don't know what you want to do in the end, it would prob make more sense to diversify your majors. It's a nice feeling to know you have options open. Good luck in choosing your majors. Talking to your parents would probably help, but dont let them push you into something that yu might not necessarily want just cause it looks good to them.
    and finally.
    "double majors is the least you can do?"
    that's some serious over-achieving lol

  6. Dude Anshu! Why are you bashing poor koolsome? He was just being polite and not to mention honest! I personally think Hansag did a good job in taking the pic. I love nature and everything is in the pic - trees, grass, sky, water. Plus, no one's a pro here!!

    Dudes Anshu and Shivee! About your major talk... yeah, I know I'm worrying too much but can't help it! Yup, talking Philosophy and studying Philosophy can be two different things, but I won't know the difference until unless I give it a shot. Will keep my fellow bloggers and browsers updated on how things turn out.

    Dude Shivee! Parents are not an issue. They really don't force me to do what they feel is "good" for me. Career is my own choice and they just go along with what I decide, they are supporters! ..."double-majors being the least I can do" is REALLY some over-achieving, isn't it? ;)

  7. Sagaboy,

    Dude, nopes you are completely mistaken. By no way I meant that I wanted her to upload a close up pic when wet. All I wanted to say was that she was not in focus properly. I guess you should watch your language before posting the comments, it is not polite! Maintain some decency atleast!

  8. Hey Geetali! Psychology. I'm thinking of Romance Languages/Psychology... I hear that a person really can't do anything with just a Bachelor's in Psych. though.


    - Jonathan.

  9. ooooh Jonathan, Romance Lang and Pcych... ;) yeah, BS probably won't take you anywhere. I think most of the ppl in these areas get PhD's.. is that right?