Apr 1, 2005

Regina going to GHP

Regina Addo was nominated for GHP in the field of Biology. and guess what?? Yup! SHE GOT IT!! Ghosh! I'm so happy! When she said, "yes!" to my question, "did you get it?" I started jumping and screaming and gave her a tight hug! Man-o-man... I've so glad! She's gonna have sooooooo much fun. I miss GHP!!


A total number of 6 ppl got it, the other 5 are...

Logan for Math (they learn how to juggle, wow na?)
John for Physics (don't know much)
Zack for Agri-Science (they go on all sort of trips)
Scott for Saxophone (amazing, ppl go crazy!)
Brionna for Spanish (que pasa, what?)

All are 11th graders except Logan, who's in 10th.


  1. Hi. I used to frequent ur blogs sometime back .. wen u wrote abt ur GHP experience. I havent blogged in a while now, nor have bloghopped much. I guess i am making a comeback. Hope to see more of ya. Do write more often.

  2. Hey koolsome (som)! Had a quick look at your blog, will read it diligently once school comes to an end. Thanks for making my blog one of your frequent site stops!