Apr 15, 2005

aching hearts

Am I learning a lot about life lately? The peaks, recessions, troughs, and expansions (to present in economic terms since to exam is coming up) of life? I know that I really like Socrates' quote, "The unexperienced life is not worth living" and would rather learn from my own experiences than somebody else's. I actually want to feel the emotions rather than just imagine them. But you know, sometimes it's a whole lot better to be a spectator or a listener compared to actually being one of the characters on stage.

Life is unpredictable, uneven, unfair. A smile can turn into a tear within a second, a laughter into a cry, joy into sorrow, and celebrations into mournings. It is noticible in my writing that I'm converting all happy moments into sad ones, but aren't these the moments when we say, "life sucks!" There are a limited number of people who remember God or thank anyone for bringing joys into their life. Whereas, almost everyone ridicuels life if something goes wrong.

I don't know where to start or when or how to end. Don't know what all the things, feelings, emotions, experiences and/or details I should write, discuss, record in the middle. I'm not sure what names I should mention or the true stories I should spread light upon. There's one thing I do know though - everything that I'm about to write is not limited to myself or the people these are about; this is universal. Character's change, settings change, dialogues somewhat vary, but the theme remains. I'm not going to write a very long blog on this subject because it depresses me, but if for some reason this ends up taking a lot of your time, I ask for your forgiveness.

People are dying, everyday. Either due to accidents, diseases, or natural causes. Their friends and relatives are mourning on the loss of someone who left memories behind, but the memories will fade away with time. What hits hard is when we know the one who has lost someone. Even though we may have not known the person, still the human heart aches and pain brings tears to the eyes. Thinking about the situation a brother, a sister, a mother, a father may be in.

Andree' didn't know Marcel's brother, yet she was crying in class thinking about how much the 8th grader is going to be missed. He had cancer. Marcel was very close to him, often talked about his actions. I too was sad to hear the news, but for some reason didn't show many emotions. Didn't even feel much. Maybe, I've realized this truth and coping with somebody else's pains has become easier upon myself. All I pray for now is... help them God!

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  1. hey Ms. Geetali. You don't sound very cheerful at the moment. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you some inane comment like "it'll all get better. The sun will shine, the birds will sing and rainbows will magically appear". You're right. Sometimes, life sucks. Especially after the loss of a loved one. At that moment, grief and sadness are good things. It will help you/them heal. So, as you ask for God to be with others, I offer my prayers that God be with you in all you are dealing with.