Apr 22, 2005

A day in History!

Best birthday ever? --I would definetly say so!!

As written in my last blog it all started a day before my birthday and believe it or not will end a day after! But here's what happened today... I recieved even more ecards and wishes from friends and family. People at school wished me in the morning and recieved calls once I got back home. Enjoyed the entire day with James and Pavan at six-flags. More people would have been great but limit was 3 people per group and everybody got a different ride to work on. In case you are confused, we went to six-flags to work on our Physics semester project. We got the easy one - huhuhahaha! Rained really hard for about an hour and that's when we did all our calculations, before that we were busy getting the measurements. Played a little basketball after coming back to school. Got busy checking and replying to mails once I got home.

Ooooooh... a WONDERFUL thing happend at six-flags... I saw Maggie and Tiffany!! Maggie was on my hall at GHP and Tiffany in my major. Awsome, won't you say? You have to agree with me that this birthday was truely TERRIFIC!

Got a cake are around 10pm. Was very tired so the pictures don't look so good. Here's the cake though...

Kishu's my nick name at home (family and Delhite - non school - friends included), some Xaverians also call me that Posted by Hello

So far so good. In the future getting an iBook??? Possibly! Let's wait and see. I'm also gonna need it for college, and as a discount I don't mind it being a combo gift - birthday and graduation... what ya say peeps?


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