Apr 27, 2005


What's up with lazy students? Josh always looks over my hw, cw, tests in Gov/Econ class. I didn't really care in the beginning but his attitude got annoying around mid second semester. He didn't bother studying at all!! Today was too much though. These days we are preparing for the Nationwide AP Government exam. Dees has been asking us to do Sample Tests from the book he handed us a few weeks ago. Josh was busy doing his Algebra III homework and as soon as it was close to the time when Dees would go over the answers, Josh started jotting down the alphabets (multiple choice) from my paper. I told him straight up, "It doesn't really matter Josh!" We are doing that crap for practice and Dees is not giving us a grade for it! Hope he starts putting in some effort.

another pic frm yday's rain Posted by Hello

What the hell is wrong with me? I failed the last Trig test pretty badly. The stuff was easy, really, really easy... yet, I just didn't get it. Not only that I don't even feel like actually trying and studying. Have I caught "Senioritus"? Or has "Senioritus" finally got me? I really don't want to be at this point at this time. Got so many exams coming up :( But I just don't feel like studying. Am tired of it! Any suggestions?


  1. Umm...i'm not sure how it works in the American system. In Triniland, when I was finishing A'levels it was finished with A'level exams which were pretty major and they kept us focussed up till the very end. Even now in Uni. i have the same situation... the semester ends on May 13 and I have exams right up till the very end so even tho i get tired from studying etc, I have so much to do i cant let myself slack off. I have to push on. But in America, you all know that you will be graduating even before you leave school isn't it? So i guess it really is hard to keep the concentration. Just focus on yur AP exams for now I guess. Try to do well in those and after that you can kinda relax a bit more as the semester winds down. Hope that helps some.

  2. At my school seniors get out a week before graduation. At my mom's school (the one which Kwanza, a GHPer, attends) seniors are getting out of school even BEFORE their AP Exams! It varies frm school to school (or rather county to county), I guess.