Jun 22, 2005

crazy graduate - ME

Yesterday I just got tired of these stupid holidays. This is what always happens... when school's on, I wish we had holidays... when holidays are on, I don't know what to do. I should be reading a lot of books, and I mean A LOT of books! But TV and Internet are really, really bad! They don't let me do anything that I SHOULD do. There's not schedule... I just get up in the morning, do random things, get bored, tired, annoyed, frustrated, happy, excited, everything, and then go to sleep. It has been almost a month since the summer break started, and I have done NOTHING so far. Man, I waiste so much time. I don't even do anything online. Just stare at the stupid screen.

Okay, am gonna go read a novella now. I am gonna do it!!


  1. what book are you reading?

  2. It's more like a short story titled "A Karmic Journey" by Abhi Chowdhary. This is just for warm-up, after this one, I have a couple others in mind that I need to get started on.