Jun 20, 2005

life and "awe"

Wrote my last post almost a month ago. Nothing has gone wrong, only I was taken over by laziness. Am still under the lazy dose, but somehow I convinced myself to write a blog... have no idea how I succeeded in doing that. I must be good! :D

In a way a lot has happened since my last post and in a way nothing much has happened. I've finally completed a very important part of my life - k12 education. I now hold a High School diploma in my hand. The graduation ceremony was good. Not too long, heard some good speeches, saw a lot of faces probably for the very last time and realized, for the very first time in my life that I may actually miss Eagle's Landing High. Not all of it, not the complete picture, but surely some parts of it, some people, a couple rooms, a few corners. I remember the very first day when we drove to the school. Sitting in the car, I was eagerly looking at the surrounding areas. That sign at the beginning of Tunis Road pointing towards the school. 2001 Open House. Then came the first day, the first week, the first month, the first year... and now... four years have passed. Wow! I very clearly remember that first day... and now the LAST. Life's amazing. Constantly changing. One day you are someone, the next day somebody else. Today you have onething, the next day something else. I like it!

Anuj Bhai and MausaJi came over from NC for the Graduation. We had fun for the next 2 days. Nothing much has happened since then. I've been watching a lot of movies though. Don't even remember all the names! Went to GSU campus twice. Am going again this Thursday. Have been thinking a lot about the classes I should take this semester. Am really, very excited about college. New horizons, new freedoms, new opportunities, new limits. Ghosh, am I looking forward to it.

Am tired of chatting. Like the old way better - emailing. Kochhar and I have been exchanging a lot of mails and it's actually fun. It's amazing to see how much friends grow together. Kids se adults, doodh peene ki problems se lekar relationship ki problems, teachers ke baare mein baat karne se lekar philosophy ki baatein karne tak... it's just amazing! Love that sort of thing, when you've known a person for so long. Seems there really is a bond... like, you have known this person even before either of you tried to find yourself, your identity. That journey is so meaningful and being next to them before, during, and after that process gives the feeling of awe.

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