Sep 13, 2005

College blues...

Writing after almost a month! Well, life has been busy. The few days before school started were very uneventful. Spent all the entire month of August with Nana-Nani. They have dial up and pationately HATE dial up! Therefore, there was no way I was going to get online to update my dear blog. Once school started, everything started happening so quickly. "Buying" textbooks, getting used to classes, deciding whether or not the switch one of my sections etc. Am taking 6 courses... the most you can take in a semester. Two of them are minimester courses - English Composition 1 (Engl 1101, and English Composition 2 (Engl 1102). Usually a course is a semester long, and a semester is about four months long. Minimester courses are two months long. Engl 1101 is a prequisite to Engl 1102 and both of these courses are required for graduation. I did not want to spend an entire year over English, that's why took this route. It's not bad actually. We have 3 essays and 1 annotated bibliography... and that's it! The class is 2.5 hours long, which is a bit of a stretch... but most of the time it does not seem so bad. The teacher, Kerri Allen, is pretty young and motivated. Same is the case with my Critical Thinking (Phil 1010) professor - Tim Crews-Anderson. I like most of my teachers, except the Susan Ferguson, who teaches Calculus 1. She's old and she's irritating. Repeats the same damn words for 5 minutes straight!! Annoys the hell out of me. Have my first test in Calc tomorrow.. let's see how I do.

I've been looking for some on-campus jobs as well. Haven't been able to find any good one's, but did get one! I'm a Student Author, or note-taker, for Student Notes. My job is to go to my Film 2700 - A short History of Movies - class, take good notes, type 'em up, and email them to these people. They are gonna sell the notes. Give me 5% of the net profit and pay me based on how many pages of notes there are. I get the payment on the following Friday of each TEST. So, it's not that much... but something is better than nothing. I mean.. I'm getting paid to go to class and take notes, what could be better?

Well, gotta go... got Film in about 8 minutes.


  1. Congratulations and Best of Luck as you start your College Life. I'm sure it is alot to get used to, but take a minute and just savour the experience. I'm not sure how it is for you, but I know for me, the switch between secondary school and tertiary was a kinda big change. Pleasant, but still big. The one thing I am curious about is, are you living at home, or have you moved into the dorms?

  2. You spelled passionately wrong!!! Are u sure you should be taking english in minimester?????

  3. College is only going to get harder. So stop your damn bitching and accept it. I went to school in India, and I can tel you it is a lot harder than where your going. I mean your only taking calculus I, that is so easy!!! So i suggest you embrace your classes in order to succeed.

  4. Thank you for your suggestion UNCLE! Or, should I call you DADA JI? and thanks for catching on that misspelled word.