Aug 14, 2005

wrapping up

We'll be leaving early morning tomorrow. 5 AM is the planned time, and we shall hit the road by 5:30 at the latest. All of out luggage is already in the car including some old suitcases that Nana and Nani had left here before. My back-pack and some food are the only things that will find space in the car tomorrow morning. Although at most times I hate Nana's lecturegiri, even today when he was doing all this packing hurridly I hated the way he was behaving, but the his dialogue that was said after everything was done was pretty solid - "Sone ke liye man ke chain ki zarurat hoti hai" (For a sound sleep, peace of mind is a must). And it makes sense! I ended up smiling at the end :)

Meeku mama and Sejal mamiji (she hates it when I call her that) came over after 2pm. It was okay, I didn't talk much. Sejal mamiji, for some reason, was very quite aswell. It seemed like she didn't want to be there. Hmmm. Took a few pictures, of course!

Meeku Mama, ME, and Sejal MamiJi (shall I call here didi?!)

Meeku Mama, Nani, Aunty, MamiJi, and Uncle

I watched a number of movies here... Sehar, Paheli, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun?, Aradhana... and maybe a few others. Also, ripped a number of the DVDs they have and bought a few DVDs from the Indian store here.

Looking forward to the drive tomorrow. This time I plan on driving for a longer duration than last time. Last time I went by Nana's wish, I didn't resist on giving him the wheel when he wanted it... this time I'm thinking otherwise ;)

Btw, Happy Pakistan Day!
Wish you a Very Happy Indian Independence Day!
Jai Hind!


  1. JAI HIND!!! If I had orange font I would've used it in contrast to your green blog. Oh well. Didn't you take AP English? You have way too many grammatical errors, you should try to proof before you post, it will make the reading process more delightful. Are you obsessed with India? Do you only watch Indian movies. You should watch American movies since you are living in AMERICA!!!!!! Anyway I guess I can only say Go India! and Khuda Hafiz.

  2. Jeez. Lighten up man. It's a blog not a Newsweek column. And if she likes Indian movies good for her. Just because she lives in America doesn't mean she should start eating hamburgers!

  3. Hamburgers are so delightful. Man you should try some one day. McDonald's Big Mac.. YUMMMY
    By the way do you like Geetali or somthing. She does not need you to defend herself. She has plenty to say on her own.

  4. Watching Indian movies or not watching English movies has nothing to do with residing in a particular nation. And where in my blog did I mention that I only watch Indian movies or that I NEVER watch an English movie?

    The mistakes I made are NOT grammatical, they are normal typos!

    And I don't mind sagaboy speaking on my behalf, at least he's not hiding his identity.

  5. Yeah, what she said!

    Just passing though and checking out your blog. Nice picture. :)

  6. hey Ms. Geetali,

    I hope H. Katrina is not affecting Georgia, and yourself. If it is there i hope you and yours are safe and sound.

    Keep well,


  8. Hmm... Good, how about yourself Mr. Anonymous?