Aug 5, 2005

working = not getting bored

I didn't do anything worth spending time upon the entire day but the night has been worth living. Got up around 12 and went online right away. Was supposed to reply to a few emails but lazyness took over myself. Uploaded a few pictures here and there, browsed through random blogs, without making the effort of reading any. Dad asked me to pack a couple items for moving, but so half-heartedly. The house was very uneventful as well. I decided to take a nap around 6pm. Got up at 7:30 and helped Dad put the new battery in his Mazda MPV. Then we loaded some of the boxes in the car and took off. Borrowed a sweeper from a Gas Station owner. Dad sweeped the garage and the basement. I arranged my notebooks and folders from last year in my closet and threw some other crap away. We put the rest of the boxes in the garage. I drove on our way back. Driving that humongous thing after such a long time wasn't that bad. The beam, however, was continuously on for no reason at all. There's a technical problem with the thing. Returned the sweeper and got back about an hour ago. Took a quick shower and helped Dad in his kitchen adventure. Am about to go have dinner.

Gdnite.. yawn!


  1. hello,

    good to see that ur busy with ur life... wishing u best of luck for future adventures..