Aug 10, 2005

Travel on my mind...

Bibi, my paternal grandmother, expired on August 2nd. She was diagnosed with Cancer 20yrs, survived it, but did get very week. From the time I clearly remember her, she was probably between 60 to 65 yrs of age, but to me she looked like this really old and week lady who didn't even have any teeth. Papa hasn't been to India ever since we came here - 4yrs! This is definitely a reason. Can't say it's good what happened, but if this has not happened Papa wouldn't be in India. Atleast he'll get to meet Baba, my grandfather, and all his siblings. Papa's flight is today at 5:15 PM. Nana and I will drop him by 2. I hope he has a safe and a relaxing flight, as he was telling me that he wasn't feeling very well. It is his first time traveling such a big distance all by his own.

After dropping Papa, I'll reach Nana-Nani's place and we'll immediately leave for North Carolina. Spend a night there and then head to New Jersey on Thursday morning.

We haven't moved into the new house yet because of so many other things going on. Half of our stuff is there. In the past two days we had to take 4 trips to that house to get some stuff that either Hansag, Papa, or I needed.

Life's happening!

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