Aug 2, 2005

I can drive ALONE!

From this day on (August 2, 2005) till the day I turn 28 - April 22, 2015 - I hold a permanent driver's license. Got it today! Went to Macon, a city which is about 70 miles south from here. My appointment was at 12:20pm. We reached there 10mins early. The test went fine, I even parallel parked! It wasn't perfect, but was pretty decent. The rest of the driving was okay, of course! Got an 88/100. Passing grade is 75 or above.

The only thing I was worried about was parallel parking. I was too lazy all summer to practice and for the past couple of days Mom-Dad have been really busy with Mom's school starting and we getting ready to move into the new house. Went to Nana-Nani's yesterday to practice, but it didn't work out either. So, this morning I practiced in Save Rite's parking lot for about 45 minutes. Starting from not being able to back up straight, I went to being able to change directions quite easily while backing up. It was fun!

Now, I'm the only person in the family who holds a Driver's License with our new address :D ... I am the first!


  1. Congrats Ms. Geetali.
    Just drive safely okay, I remember how screwed up I was when I was a new driver. Heck, I'm still screwed up three years later!

  2. Thanks Shivee. As a young driver, I do have a need for speed, but I'll try to control that.