Dec 30, 2005

"Be the change you wish to see in the world!" --Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Let me clear something up before you start reading my post. I am not a pessimist. On the contrary, however, I may sound like one. It probably has to do with my stupid and naive beliefs based on observation. An observation that landed me to the conclusion that this world has unnecessary hopes and expectations with every new thing that arrives. Whether it is buying a new house or moving to a new place, starting a new academic semester or opening a new business log, meeting a new individual or becoming a part of a new family. Every time us humans start thinking that our world is about to see a change, a good change, a change long awaited. I ask you, for what? Just because the entire world is about to put a new calendar on their walls does not mean that the bad days are gone, it does not mean that nobody will cry anymore, it does not mean that the terrorist activities will stop, it does not mean that this world will come together as a global village and smile and laugh and dance together. It does not mean that! What we don't realize, or maybe don't want to realize, is that entering a new year is a clear indication that nothing will stop. The world will go on and all the miseries will continue. An end to this world is what will change everything.

I understand that hope is one of the building blocks of life. Without hope, life and this world will be pointless. There won't be anything to look forward to. But, just the hope for something better is not enough. We need to take actions to actually allow that hope to turn into reality.

Receiving multiple mails from family, friends, and acquaintances and reading the same stale sentences in all of them is really bothering me. I really do not appreciate the fact that everybody is wishing everyone they know an year of new found happiness, new adventures and new experiences, new hopes and new desires, and a whole new beginning. A whole new beginning? What is that supposed to mean? It's not like everything from the past has been erased or that on new year's eve one could decide everything all over again. Then why these false hopes? Why these ridiculous wishes?

The longing for the peace and happiness of all doesn't mean a thing if we ourselves don't try to accomplish what we want. Become active! Achieve goals as a result of hard work, don't expect it to happen just out of hope. Look forward to something different everyday, not because it's a new day, but because you are willing to make it a new day!

On this new year I do not wish you all false hopes, but I wish you the courage and the freedom to transform your hopes and desires into reality. You gotta change your world yourself! No body's gonna come help you out. Each individual is self-made and self-supported. Most of everything else is an illusion!


  1. Okay, I believe you when you say you are not pessimistic. And I also give you credit for understanding that the celebration of the new year is not only the celebration of things accomplished and experienced and survived in the past year, but also the celebration of the HOPE of what the New Year will bring. And I fully endorse that people should DO something to make their dreams come through, rather than simply sit and wish and wonder.
    But, the wishing and wondering are the first steps along that path are they not? And yes, I guess if you read 10000 greeting cards with "Happy and Prosperous 2006" in them you might get tired of those words; but isn't the more important thing the fact that 10000 people took the time and effort to remember you and also to send that wish to you. Each of those simple, repetitive wishes is a reminder that you are loved and cared for and appreciated. So yes, we all repeat one another's sentiments but we all mean the same thing:
    We appreciate you, and we all hope that the New Year is a good one for you and yours.

    Sincerely, Shivee

  2. Yeah, I'm really glad and thankful that all those 10,000 people emailed me and that they all wish me success. But I see it as more of a formality than real emotions. Yup, I too want this entire world to be happy and prospering, and I will be emailing all the people in my address book telling them the same clich├ęd thing. What's the reason? The rest of the world is doing it, and the same is expected of me. When expectations come in, emotions and desires walk out the door (certainly not in all cases, but surely in a lot of them).

  3. Great Thoughts and Great Beliefs!!! cool blog. I am just a stranger in search of knowledge and enlightenment.


  4. Great Thoughts and Great Beliefs!!! cool blog. I am just a stranger in search of knowledge and enlightenment.


  5. Thanks Jaanthirathnam! I guess, everybody got a little something to share :)

  6. LOL.
    Okay I totally agree with you there. I myself am guilty of sending some e-cards to people out of a sense of obligation. BUT, some were genuine :-P
    And the trick is : How will you weed out which are genuine and which are not?
    Will you assume all the ambiguous ones were fake? or all the ambiguous ones were real?
    Which completes the circle and brings us back to the original question. I guess we'll now find out if you truly are optimistic (all genuine) or pessimistic (all fake).
    Please let me know how it turns out. :-)

  7. No body can be all genuine or all fake. We do not and cannot have the same feelings towards everybody we know. Even amongst friends.. few are best friends, some good, the rest "acquaintances". There are some things we wish for the entire human race, but you cannot wish something specific and from your heart unless you really know the person.

  8. thanks for your cool and realistic new year wishes...

  9. Amit,
    Cool people can't give cool advice. That's why it's left upto us mediocre type individuals :P ..haha! just kidding (i think).
    keep reading :)