Jan 1, 2006

a different me

Read this quote on my "quote of the day" widget, and it brought a smile to my lips. "Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing." So true! Why worry about anything when we are going to leave everything behind and this world will gladly let us go.

All the complications and dilemmas we face on every new step taken is a result of maintaining a certain sort of status in society. When this world is about learning and sharing knowledge, then why limit ourselves in our experiments. Live and let live! But, when it's about your dreams... just do it!

I think I'm becoming more and more indifferent about the people around me. I guess, it's good for me... but not for them :-?


  1. one would definitely smile reading that quote :)
    summarizing the rest of ur post - its 'freedom' + a courage to dream big n live upto them...

    n u getting indifferent - you might be but 'Be Careful' ;)

  2. Yup.. "courage to dream big" ..but most of us lack that courage. We are scared of facing the consequences, scared of getting lonely I guess.

    Freedom is defined in so many different ways (well, everything is)... who knows what the absolute truth is. It's all about rationalizing and coming up with our own set of guidelines.

    Yeah, I do need to be careful about getting "indifferent". It's not just me who's important, right. Other's also have the right to live a carefree life, I shouldn't be creating problems for them.

  3. Hi,

    perhaps i m not able to digest ur idea of dreaming.As far as i think
    dreaming is not as easy as it looks.Dream!dream! Nd DREAm(source: dr.apj abdul kalam) ,but how to dream,is a million dollar Q.

    it may b very foolish to ask,but still i m askin.how to develope Dare to dream.

    sleep has a by product dream,for me sleep is just S-tress L-evel E-limination E-xercise.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    The word "dream" has multiple definitions. In my post I'm not referring to "a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep." Rather, my focus is on "a (or many) cherished desire(s)."

    You raise really good questions - How to dream? ... How to develop the Dare to dream?
    My response - Nothing in this world is correct or incorrect; nothing is right or wrong; nothing is true or false. Humans spend their entire life trying to differentiate between and trying to analyze the two extremes because that is what they are programmed to do. Turning one's back to the process of rationalization is like throwing away water in spite of being thirsty. Dreaming is a natural phenomenon. Nobody's dreams class higher or lower than their counterpart. Often times these dreams are the reason to live, something to work for and look forward to. I do not think one needs to develop the 'Dare' to dream. What is required is the courage to take the required steps and make that dream turn into reality. The 'Dare' will automatically follow.

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  5. its a good thing that u'r getting indiffrent about ppl..and yae its not good for others only if they r real close frnz of ur's and u've made them dependent upon u..and i think its wrong in a way also...
    my advice : maintain u'r relationship wid dose close frnds and just avoid making new frnds.and yae make dose close frnds feel special infact real special.

    take care

  6. Thanks for the advice Kochhar. You know me yaar, and you know what the real me is like. I care about people a little too much. Sometimes, however, my actions do not confirm that. That 'sometime' has been leading my life for a while now. And yeah, I'm not referring to every single person I know, just a few of them.

  7. hey its good to care about ppl..it makes u feel humane and above all its makes u feel good about life...but hey mayb u r frustrated about smthng ( mayb shifting walla issue,or one of the others) and that's there at the back of u'r mind...so mayb it's cuz of dat..i mean chill yaa.thoda relax krr...just stop thinking for a while u'l get some new idea's soon den.

  8. shifting?!
    ...abbe yaar it's that bhaagkar shaadi karne waala issue!
    :P :)

    but yeah, it is "one of those things."

  9. ok oki,
    perhaps i got da idea,i was not expecting any answer from u,
    but u gave beyond da "ans",an idea.

    but still 1 Q. is hanging in my mind nd trying to pull my brain's(sum ppl doubt i hv,but my heart says i have one brain) muscles so i want to let it come out...

    Q is wht happens when a reality breaks da dream(nd of corse this
    "type" of dream is related wid lv).

    e.g.-"hamne socha tha ki karenge hakim se fariyaad uske liye,magar woh combakhat bhi uska chahne wala nikla".(kind of) or

    "agar chale hi jana tha yun modkar toh aaye hi kyun the,gar bah hi jana tha yun ask bankar toh aankhon main samaye hi kyun the."(kind of dream)

    this time waiting for reply.

    kind regards

  10. Hi D.sharma,

    If I start writing the response to your new question - What happens when reality breaks down a dream related to love? - the response I gave to your previous question will probably seem very weak. But this is just another example of life, not everything is similar, can't follow the same set of guidlines for every single scenario.

    The question you ask is a difficult one to answer. In such matters one can always listen to what others have to say, but accepting and practicing it is a challange. Thanks for raising this particular questions though, it has provided me with something to think about.

    Okay, here's how I see this... My belief is that getting rewarded and facing setbacks, both are necessary in life. Rewards encourage us to do more things with more confidence. Setbacks make us realize that nothing is predictible and in a harsh way tell us to be ready to accept every possibiliy. Little things cannot make a person tough, that's where love comes in. Love is something that everybody in this world feels (at least that's what I think), and love is a very strong emotion. A heartbreak hurts the most (you can confirm this from anyone). Once we tackle with the situation - accept it and move on (may take from a week to several years, depending on how strong the feelings were) - we open our eyes to a lot of things. I think it let's us become more tolerant. Yeah, when you love someone you have dreams, all sorts of dreams... but that heartbreak makes us realize that the one we love also has dreams and he or she also has the right to make those dreams come true. When these dreams clash, somebody absolutely has to get hurt. But it certainly doesn't mean that you should stop dreaming. Heal yourself, the process will surely make you a tougher person, and move on. Live more dreams. That one (sometimes two) heartbreak(s) are essential to live a more learned life.

    I hope I could answer your question.

    Keep striving,

  11. HI ,

    if i my biological nd cognitive senses r working fine, u r trying to say ,if reality breaks down a dream (related to lv),start dreaming 'bout ne 1 else,sorry but i have to say-"idealistic but not practical".

    lv never ever comes frm mind(logic) ,its feeling of heart(no logic nly feelins),or it comes frm even deeper FRM soul(no place for logic or feelin).

    "sometimes i feel its just a biological urge,sometimes its spritual quality,unlike energy or matter it is limitless."(stolen frm sumwhere)

    does here limitless mean if u fail in one lv try(or dream as u said if i got u rite) for another one.?

    not seeking ne answer bcoz i knw feelings cant b niether questioned nor answered.

    only thing which ne person can do is very well descibed in following poem:->

    Jab tumhein yeh yaqeen ho jaye
    ke main tumhein kitna chahta hoon
    Tumse kitni mohabbat karta hoon

    Jab tumhain aisa lage ke
    koi tumhare sang nahi hai
    koi tumhara hamdam nahi hai

    Jab tumhain zindagi dushwar lage
    Jab koi umeed na koi aas ho
    koi bhe na tumhare pass ho

    Agar kabhi yadein bohat dukh de
    Tanhai ka ehsas bohat satae

    Jab you lage tumhain ke
    Tum ab aik qadam bhe nahi chal sakti
    Mazeed is aag main nahi jal sakti

    Jab har saans boojh lagne lage
    Tum andar hi andar tootne lago

    Na mile panah kisi key banhoon main
    Aur shiddat se kisi ke zaroorat ho

    Jab yeh ehsas tumhain tadpane lage
    Ke tum ne kabhi thukraya tha kisi ko
    Yah phir koi tumhain thukra de

    Aankhoon main aa jayen agar ashk tumhari
    Aur koi shaks pouchne wala na ho
    koi ghum bant ne wala na ho

    Koi tord de agar dil tumhara
    Ho agar na koi muqabil tumhara
    Tanhai ka ehsas bohat sataee

    Yeh to dukh deti hain sada
    Tumhain bhe yadein sataye jab
    Mehfil main bhe khud ko tanha paoo

    Yeh mera wada raha tumse
    Jo kuch bhe main ne kaha tumse
    Yeh sab na bhool paoo gi
    Tum muje sada,sada apna hii paoo gi,,,,,,,,

    P.S.--->1.:) bcoz it makes ppl wonder what r u thinking.

    Dheeraj S.

  12. Dheeraj,

    When I say "move on" I do not mean fall in love with someone else. That is impossible! Love, emotions, feelings etc, as you yourself said, are not in our hands.

    Limitless does not mean that if you fail in one love, try for another. The sentence you wrote is talking about love itself... love is limitless. It has no boundaries, no restrictions. Even if one looses someone, the love they have towards the person does not vanish. Moving on refers to accepting the harsh truth that it did not work out (for whatever reason), be happy for whoever your ex was, and not let dark and gloomy thoughts take over your mind.

    Yes, what I say is idealistic, but not practical at first. When a child falls off his bike, he gets hurt and cries, goes to his mother and his mother applies medicine on the wound. The wound takes a while to heal, but it does heal back! That fall may initially discourage the child to ride his bike again, but eventually he regains his courage. Same is the case here, a lot more complicated, but similar.

    People need to take their own time in such matters. One can't force someone to start smiling.

    Your poem is nice and true. As I said before, the love does not vanish. And yes, is tarah ki poems taaza ghaw ki paidaish hoti hain... someday you'll know what I'm talking about.

    All the best,

  13. hi,

    Let me correct you first ,poem is not mine,its a poem that i got from somewhere;so complements are not accepted as such.

    but, thanx for advice.

    but didnt get idea behind line:-->"is tarah ki poems taaza ghaw ki paidaish hoti hain... someday you'll know what I'm talking about. "

    what i do able to gather is-for some ppl ,their past is too precious so they cant share it.


  14. Dheeraj,

    The past is precious for all, but looking into the future, and (most importantly) living the present is also very important.

    Regarding the sentence that I wrote, which failed to make sence to you... I'll repeat the last few words... someday you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Take Care,

  15. hi geetali,

    it is very true that there was no hidden meaning in your words, words are very simple and crystal clear.

    so perhaps now i am able to make gist of it.