Jan 31, 2006

A Realization

Today, I realized that I do not take the Panther Shuttle to Aderhold anymore. When the Fall semester started, I slowly and steadily found my way around the State campus. In the beginning I used to walk to and from Aderhold, because I did not want to take a risk with the shuttle and be late or entirely miss my film class [not that it was extremely important, but I was a student author for that course]. Then one day, I experimented with the shuttle and was surprised to find out that I almost always could avoid the seven-minute walk to Aderhold. But slowly, without realizing, I went back to old school - walking briskly. I propose, it has been several months since I stepped into a panther shuttle, be it to go to Aderhold, The Village, or Turner Field.

These days, I often ride the Tech Trolly. This happens when I decide to go to GaTech's library instead of State's because I think Tech's library is more beautiful than ours.

Words in Bold Grey defined here:

Panther Shuttle: University shuttle that transports students between the dorms, student center, and Aderhold.

Aderhold: Aderhold Learning Center... name of one of the buildings on campus. It is a fairly new building, and definitely my favorite because it has a lot of space and one can see every part of the building while standing anywhere.

State: Nick name for Georgia State University.

The Village: Name given to student dorms. It consists of four buildings - Athina, Ithica, Sparta, and Olympia. A greek theme going on here. Don't know why they named it "the village" ... should have been "the odyssey" :)

Turner Field: Sports arena where major league baseball is played. Their parking is available for free to Georgia State Students.

Tech Trolly: One of the two shuttle services available at GaTech.

GaTech: Georgia Institute of Technology... a technical institute located in Atlanta, run by the state government of Georgia. AKA GeorgiaTech or Tech.


  1. it often happens with me too. we have two library in our college one is next to our hostel and other is beside class-room. the contents available on both the libraries are equal, but still i prefer the one beside classroom becoz of its interiors its moore soothing.

  2. GaTech? I heard its called Gaytech.

  3. Could you tell me what the word judaye means? I would appreciate your help.

  4. I would be able to help if you can tell me the sentence that contains the word "judaye" in it. Writing Hindi words in English can be confusing and I don't want to give the wrong meaning.