Feb 5, 2006

India's youth, in need of primary education.

Read the article Turning to Gods and Astrologers to Pass Exams and you will be amazed at what today's generation is getting themselves into. Being religious, praying five times a day, and eating after offering food to the gods as an everyday practice is fine. But, turning one's "god be with me" mode simply because exams are at the corner is pure selfishness, lack of self-confidence, and probably a serious condition that should be checked out by psychologists and psychiatrists.

What this article overviews leaves me in disgust. I could never imagine that the students who were taught in schools that superstition is a waste of time and leads to nothing would fall back upon the same crap once it comes to making their own decisions. These idiot 10th and 12th graders, who will soon appear for their board exams, are offering prayers at 6am to some deity before beginning their daily study routine. Others are going to pundits to get their writing pens powered with spiritual powers so they can do well on their exams. It doesn't stop here! Wearing a lucky dress, following a certain diet, departing the house at an auspicious time and any bizarre idea one can come up with ... the future of India is doing it!

I want to blame the youth who's participating in all this superstition, but I cannot. Reason being the family pressure they face when it comes to these exams - boards and entrance exams being the biggies. Parents perception is that these exams either make or break the future of their child. It may be true partially, but not completely. In my opinion what makes or breaks someone's future is their devotion to their work. And one certainly does not need to be a religious devote to be a successful academic or a successful worker or a successful person. One should concentrate on studies, along with engaging in physical activities as a means of stress release, to do well in exams. Don't freakin' waste your time, energy, and money in traveling between temples, consulting pundits, and ruining your diet.


  1. i agree with each word in ur last para..
    but then, u know - nothing can be done abt removing superstition currently - its imbibed in the culture..
    after reading the artcile, you can understand how superstitions build on - one did well in exam n so does other n so the trid one follows suit by going to the temple as well n so the trend continues with a faith built - kuch nahi ho sakta..
    btw, have u never heard of people writing the name of their gods n goddesses on exam answer sheets - yeh bhi hota hai

  2. Yeah, I have heard that. I know someone who writes "om" on top of every exam he takes, but I see a difference here. If one does it because they want to start their task after remembering god first and has been doing it in the past and continues to do so, it's cool. But, if out of the blue students are adopting this new culture of worshipping a deity [or many deities] just because it may prove to be helpful, that is crap.

  3. Exams are scary. I am going to start writing exams from friday and i am terrified. I try to study but I also pray because I would like some divine help... or at least some psychological comfort. If it works for the person good for them.