Feb 21, 2006

a morning i'll remember forever

Today's morning proved to be one of the most horrible mornings of my life. Some people might know that I am NOT a morning person; I CANNOT get up early. In spite of this raw fact, I am taking early morning classes this semester. Mondays and Wednesdays my class starts at 9am (have only one class on MW) and on Tuesdays and Thursdays my classes start at 8am. Fridays are off, I catch up on my sleep when the rest of the world works.

Today - Feb 21, 2004 - [which also happens to be Sincerly Flattered's 20th birthday] I had a test in my 8 o'clock class. Guess what time I woke up... 7:51am!!! I reached the class at 8:35. Although the class lasts until 9:15, the teacher only lets the students take the test until 8:50, no matter what time one comes in. I answered 40 out of 50 questions in 15mins. Knew the ans to everything else also, but couldn't get through those because the test was multiple choice with a large part of it having to do with digging out the correct answer for SQL queries.

Song of the Day: wo tere pyaar ka gham [lyrics] [remix]
Shayari of the Day: ...Ishq [read it]
Picture of the Day: whoz staring at whom? [see it]

What's Next (in blogs): Ski Trip '06


  1. hectic days huh ? never mind - maaf kiya ..
    now i am flattered with that link up of my blog.. should i say thanks? THANKS

  2. it happens dear, with me too. u atleast reached the class and appeared for the test i missed one like this.