Feb 23, 2006

ye hai STYLE... ye hai style!

Okay... my blog will finally be different... something new is being added!

For the past two posts I've been trying to adopt and establish a new style, a new way to end my posts on this particular blog [not the photoblog or poemblog, this transformation is home to only memories, melodies, fragrance!].

Now, each of my posts will end with:
  • a photo recommendation from an online photoblog.
  • a song [either english or hindi] with links to it's lyrics, a place where you can enjoy listening to the song, and possibly a link to the video of the song.
  • a poem [again, either english or hindi] that I specially dig out on the internet for my dear readers.
  • a quote
  • a link to the previous and [once I've composed a new blog] a link to the next blog.

The format for the recommendations and other added materials will look something like this:
memories: photo title [view]
melodies: song title [read] [listen] [watch]
fragrance: poem title [unravel]

"quote goes here. it may be long, it may be short. this is just a test to see what it will actually look like."

what's next: blog title [march ahead]
past text: blog title [turn around]
This blog post only contains the details and the template for the new style that I am adopting for my blog. The change will take effect starting my next post.

1 comment:

  1. Waiting for the new blog with all the CHANGES. The ideas sound cool.