Jan 16, 2006

"Haan, Kishu"

This is what Nana said when he pressed the answer key on his cell phone. As far as I can go down memory lane, I do not remember him calling me Kishu, it has always been "Geetali." Hearing this "Kishu" from him was surprising, but definitely felt good.

Kishu is my nick name. One of those names Indian kids are known by to their family and neighbors; the kind of name that has no resemblance to one's real or formal name.

I don't like it when a family member calls me Geetali. For some reason, I feel a gap between myself and that particular person. I am used to being called Kishu at home, so hearing Geetali feels a little odd. Plus, "Geetali" is reserved for friends, acquaintances, colleagues, teachers, employees etc. I am close to my friends, of course... but the relationship between friends and family is different. Even if I'm not very close to someone in my family, hearing "Geetali" creates another unnecessary barrier.

The reason Nana called me "Kishu" is because I saved my cell number on his phone by the name of "Kishu" not "Geetali Sharma"... unlike how he saves Mom, Ritu Masi, Harshu Mama, Anuj and Neeraj Bhaiya's numbers.

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  1. Kishu! nice name, sounds interesting... You have written very true, it gives same kind of feelings to me also.