Jan 18, 2006

Fire Alarm

I was going through and deleting all my old emails from my GSU Student Email account and came across the following:

The campus wide fire alarm system is not operating correctly. While the alarms will work properly in every building, the system will not currently notify the police department. Repair parts are on order and we expect to have the problem corrected not later than Monday [3 days from today]. If you observe or hear a fire alarm in a Georgia State University building please call the University Police at 651-3333 or 651-2100.

When I first read it about a month and ten days ago, I found it to be absolutely hilarious. Today, it didn't make me laugh out as loud as before, and it doesn't have the same effect, but still it's pretty funny.

About an hour later, I received the following email:

The campus wide fire alarm system has been repaired and returned to normal operational status. In case of a fire the system will notify the police department.

Quick, I must say!


  1. Very Intersting Blog Site.
    Just adding to my bookmarks and I will check it back often.

    Indian Girl

  2. Hi there Geetali.

    I enjoyed reading your blog.
    I don't know if you'll enjoy reading mine... but it's worth a visit.


  3. Hello Geetali,

    Interesting stuff you've got here. Unfortunately I don't speak Hindi. But it's an interesting collection of thoughts nevertheless. Keep it up!


  4. Hi there Geetali.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. It's a pity I do not understand Hindi, as Hindi films are big in Malaysia. Do keep writing your thoughts. You may well bring about the change you wish to see in the world ;) and yes, I copied that from Gandhi-ji.