Aug 10, 2006

Insight into my Personality?

The subject of movies is often discussed and talked about amongst friends. Back in the 'kids era' - yes I do like the combination of these two words - questions like "What is your favorite movie?" "Who are your favorite actors and actresses?" "What kind of music do you like?" "Which TV Serials are your favorite?" were often asked and answered. There could be several reasons to why every group of friends in this world has talked about these. Either there was nothing else worth talking about or these questions are very important! I used to believe the first reason - nothing else to talk about! But it seems the latter is true - these questions are very important!

Now the question - Why do I think "these questions are very important"? Well, because the rise of 'social networks' has emphasised the importance of these. No matter which social network, no matter whether it is being used largely or not, all of them have sections for - favorite movies, favorite music, favorite books etc. etc. So, do these tell something about the person? Or do they just serve as information that end up resulting in false interpretations?

How do you decide which kind of movie you like? No movie is perfect! Do we base our choices and preferences on Acting? Actors? Technology used? Special effects? Story? Climax? What?

Okay, another question. When someone first watches a movie or a new movie is released people again discuss it, ask others whether or not they liked the movie. This is not about favorites, it's only about the first impression. How do people judge this like or dislike towards the movie?

I, personally, did not like Omkara. The last 30 minutes were the best because the movie gained pace, but everything before it was slow and probably did not make sense to an average viewer (who has not read Othello). Although everything that happened in the first 2 hours was essential for the climax, as a whole I did not like the movie. Probably because it did not keep me involved, after a while I was not interested in what was happening on screen, I wanted it to just end!

Yesterday, I saw Sainik (a 1993 Akshay Kumar starrer). The movie did not have any story to it. They just made it out of the blue, probably to give these stars something to do. After the movie ended, I wanted to express my like or dislike. And for once I was confused. Although the movie did not have any storyline, although it was not all necessary to spend 3 hours watching it, although I could have done something better, probably watched another pathetic movie, I had a very good reason to say that I did not dislike the movie. This does not mean I 'liked' it, but I 'did not dislike' it either. The reason? I didn't really get bored. Although I could see, nothing is leading to nowhere, still the director had my attention.

How do you play this game of favorites? or likes or dislikes?


  1. First of all, movies, musics etc are part of entertainment...

    when a student attends school always he longes for holiday, like wise we are busy nowadays in someother way and so we are longing for entertainment. This eagerness or curosity made everyone talk about it ...

    Secondly Cinema movies sometimes sorry most of the times plays a vital role in everyone's life.. i ask you havent you learned something from movies ?

    Movies, serials sometimes gives us idea about social life and culture....

    i decide movie not based on a specific factor but on a single factor called satisfactory.. it doesnt matter what genric the movie is or what theme it has , Lets take a small example you watch the Movie sitting in Gold Class Suit while i watch it from ordinary class ticket, the movie is same but the only difference is you bought a higher class ticket and you see it comfortablly.. likewise it depends on each person's view some watch with a fav of actor or actoress, but what ever it may be the movie should give a complete entertainment nomatter in what ways...

    nowadays computers are passionate but all time movies will be ....
    and regarding the first impression some people watch movies based on thier personal taste... some on other's reviews... its like tasting a food and asking your dad how it tastes to him. Just a Second thought or to know the global review of the film..

  2. For a person who's pretty eclectic about watching movies, his/her choice can give a nice insight to his persona and mentality. But most of the movie connisseirs watch movies of all genre but favour only those which have
    good direction. They like actors who fit into their roles precisely and deliver as per the requirement of the script and scene. They like stories which are gripping and that help the director exhibit his acumen and concepts in a embellished yet tangible fashion. So, its easier to decide as to what sort of mentality a person has through his choice of favorite movies/actors only if he/she watches a few movies. But for movie-buff the judjement is virtually impossible because most of the movie-con's have a common choice of favorite actors, actress and movies. Yes their hate-list may differ though.
    So is the idea with music. A rock-music fan doesn't have to be a voilent person and a soft-romantic music fan doesn't have to be Gay either.

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  5. Dear,
    I have gone through your blog & I would like to let you know something regarding movies.You know that movies are just for time pass,just an entertainment subject only..whatever we saw on movies is not at all possible in real life.Its afterall just a media for time pass,the actors and actresses on movies will make millions out of there work,but to be positive we have to think genuine!..You can watch movies,love movies but dont ever make dreams out of that,If so it will trouble your life only.Hope you understood & never ever value much..

    ¤ Regards, vijaysomanath
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  6. vijaysomanath why are you placing copyrights for your comments ?