Aug 20, 2006

Rain Drive

Finally, after one whole year I got to drive in the rain. But it was not exactly what I wanted.

My ideal Rain Drive is on the highway with water pouring down like anything, resulting in nothing being seen beyond the dashboard. In such a situation, everybody in the car practices the fine art of being quite. Silence is the only sound in side, and rain is the only sound out side. No body moves their head, everybody's eyes stick to the 'road' - which, of course, is not in sight. And they all pray to reach safely to where ever the car is headed.

That is my ideal Rain Drive!

Oh! I so miss that situation.


  1. I also miss sitting in the front seat (aside the driver's seat) and enjoying the drive across the flexuous roads of the US Highways in the rail. Anyways, as Monsoon is round the corner, you'll get more of these Rain-Drive opportunities.

  2. my rain drive would be with my dream girl. you know how nice it would be if you drive alone with your dream girl in a high way where it rains and the romance progress.. lol bad minded...