Nov 15, 2006


After recently discovering the awesome world of Podcasts, I've been downloading a number of these using iTunes. I am a fan of Video Podcasts, because I often get distracted when listening to Audio.

These days, I religiously watch:
1) ABC World News
2) Bollywood Report from WahIndia
3) Doogtoons
4) Sam Has 7 Friends

Of the four shows listed above, I really like Doogtoons.
You'll have to watch the episodes for yourself to understand what I mean. The thing is not supposed to be educational or a 'typical' comedy - if there exists such a thing - but it's 'stupid funny' - don't know how to put the term any differently.

PS: I did share the link with one of my friends (residing in India) and he did not like the show.


  1. Just to make an ammendment in the above text -" of my friends(residing in India) and he hated the show

  2. Oh! So the friend 'hated' it? Did not realize that. Well, at least we now see both extremes - love and hate.