Nov 24, 2006

Dhoom 2

Saw the movie yesterday. Going in, I did not have a lot of expectations. Reason? The promos looked amazing and everybody was extra hyped about the movie. Coming out, I wanted to see it once again!

Hrithik definitely looks amazing in the movie. I've never liked his looks, until now. Aishwarya looks alright - I didn't pay too much attention to her - but she does have that 'I'm better than everyone' attitude. Didn't like her too much. Abhishek is just as before. Nothing different or extra-ordinary about him. Uday is funnier than before. Can't act, is there only for the jokes, but does a good job. Bipasha doesn't have much of a role, but I liked her in the second half.


  1. YoU liked it ?
    It seems More ppl than i expected are seeming to like the movie ...
    Thinking about it , hmm it was not all that bad though ... The story line basically sucked :P
    Dhoom1 was mch mch better ;)

    anyways nice whistling :)
    i cant whistle :(

  2. Jass,

    Go in with zero expectations and I'm sure people will like it.

    Everytime a sequal comes out people think about the original movie and end up comparing the two, and expect the sequal to be better than the original. That's a mistake. I've done the same thousand times and honestly, I've not liked any 'sequal' as of yet (except probably Munna Bhai).

    So, I landed to the conclusion - watch a movie independent of any previous experiences. Sometimes it's hard to do (eg: Final Destination, Butterfly Effect), but in case of Dhoom 2 this was quite easy (for me).

    Anyways, thanks for the whistling comment. I love to whistle. It's sad that you can't, but you can always learn ;)


  3. Nice review.

    It was good time reading your personal blog. I enjoyed it and was impressed the way you have expressed your lifestyle.

    Keep writing the good stuff.

  4. bah ! it d still be bad
    :P pbftt!

    BTW i actually went with no expectations , i have experienced the same thing with sequels you know ;)

    P.S i see you got a new profile pic , No offense intended but the previous one was better :)

  5. Jass,


    I get bored of one particular thing after a while. That's why the change of pic. And... no offence taken.

  6. nothing ;) just teasing you ...

  7. the twist at last is nice....

    but one thing i cannot understand is john Abe > roshan ?

    there are no part that describes this..