Jan 19, 2007

Sexed-Up Semester

No, I'm not having a lot of sex this semester, neither watching a lot of sexually erotic movies, nor dressing up in sexy clothes. Instead, I'm taking a Sociology course titled 'Sexuality and Society'. They don't teach us when, how, where to approach someone for sex, neither do they teach us about the various positions, nor the art of achieving orgasm. Instead, we study how sexuality is shaped by society, how it differs from culture-to-culture and time-to-time, and what are some serious issues we're facing today.

So far, I really like the course. I'm learning things that never even crossed my mind, and also things that I wanted to know about but never got serious enough to google.
For example: Did you know... Vibrators were originally invented as a health aid. Until the early 1900s, women who had high sexual desire were believed to be mentally ill. Vibrators, before which doctors used to manually rid of a women's sexual desire (please imagine what that might mean), were used as a tool to calm a woman's sexual desire.

Another Example: Did you know... Intersexed individuals go through a genital correction surgery soon after birth (in America). The treatment continues well into childhood and sometimes even during the teenage years. This leaves the individual with scarred genitals which hurt, and (s)he also looses the reproductive ability. If a male child is surgically made a female (this might be needed when a child looses his penis due to a disease or accidentally), the parents must insert some kind of object into the vaginal opening every single day so that the opening doesn't close.

There's a lot of learn in this class. But I probably won't be writing much about it because, 'society' - dear readers - doesn't allow 'open discussion' of such matters. And I'm pretty sure, some of the people who read this particular post would say - 'What kind of a person is Geetali? Plus, she's a female! Girls should have decency and should not go out running around talking about sex. She's crazy!' ...My response: 'I don't give a damn about how I'm supposed to be.'


  1. Oh come on, you are taking this course because you are a sex maniac. You basically want to learn more about sex. Have you read Kamasutra?

  2. There is nothing wrong in it! Just Go ahead.... and don't miss even single class :-)

  3. Now that was a nice lil post geetali plus i aint saying what kinda girl geetali is.. am proud to have a bold friend who like me, doesnt give a damn abt society n if given a chance would burn the society n its thoughts - sahi? believe me - no one would ask/have thoughts abt ur post.. i'd recommend that keep on writing if u feel like n let people think what they want :)

  4. if you wanna read about sex.. you can buy those books cheap for 5 rs. I can get you some if you want.

  5. With reference to the post made by our anonymous guy, the cheap book that costs just Rs 5 is 'Mastram'. Trust me, a single book can edify you with a myriad of intricacies in topics related to sex , Gender and orgasm in the simplest possible way.

  6. thrs lot to lrn abt sex...we just knw the part of da iceberg which is on top of da surface of water...da major part is beneath it...hey geetali, mujhe bhi thoda bohot sikha dena!!!!

  7. @Anonymous 1 & 2
    ...It really enthralls me how you can read my mind! Yes, do bring me those 5 Rupee Mastrams!

    ...Thanks for your support. I'll post more if I learn something interesting in class.

    ...Thanks for the insight.

    ...Thanks for dropping by. And regarding learning 'about sex'.. well, don't know how much I can help you there, but when it comes to this Society, I'm sure I can share a few words of wisdom ;)

  8. Perhaps we all go through similar courses at this age:) I remember how our female classmates used to leave us speechless with their comments and insights into sexuality issues. Whether one accepts it or not, or whether one discusses it or not, sexuality drives the world... (Wasn't it Rushdie who remarked about us Indians, that we treat it as if sex never happens in India, as if the billions just fell off the sky).

  9. @Vivek
    ...I haven't read Rushdie, but I really like that comment of his.

  10. Sex! sexx! SEXX!! Since when I entered into IIT, this is what I heard, talked and watched the most! So, don't worry! we are the upcoming society and we are like you only. Regarding rest all, actually they don't need to change..their time is out; What do they have to do with SEX? :-)

  11. Hey Geetali,
    I just visited your blog thrugh a common friend's profile in Orkut.
    You are one heck of a writer. You pen down your opinions perfectly and What I feel being a girl myself, that there is nothing in this world people would mind and wouldn't appreciate if a person writes genuine thoughts in a perfect way just as you did.
    Good topic! I like it a lot, I have always wondered how Intersexed individual's life would be? Sex is something beyond the so called Society's imagination. If you fear to talk , u would never resolve some serious problems faced by a part of the society " Who are the so called human beings too" and they have a right to live a normal life ( sex is a part of it too) as we do. I donno if it makes sense.

  12. @Sumesh
    Thanks for your comment.

    You make perfect sense. Thanks for dropping by, and going through the pain of reading my blog.

  13. Wow,,,S--E--X,,I wish during this life time i come across a time when this three letter word wouldnt be a tabboo any more,,atleast in India and amoung Indians,,and secondly as she mentions the class is Sexuality and society,,which actually is about how different cultures ,society react to sexuality,,but oh well people who just think inside the box cannot grow over it nor thier attitude..but cheers geetali,,as you initiate some good informative topics,,which certainly raises some eyebrows,,but as you said,,who gives a shitt!!

  14. no words to say, just the best post i read till now :D