Jan 31, 2007

Breakfast in America

No matter which fast food place one decides to enter before 11 AM to fill up their hungry tummy, what one gets is not unique to any specific restaurant. Be it McDonald's, Subway, or Dunkin' Donuts the Breakfast Menu is the same everywhere in America!
Buttered or Chicken Biscuits
Waffles or Pancakes
Eggs, Omelet
Coffee, Milk, Juice

There is no variety. Nothing to look forward to or get excited about. Certainly not a chance of jumping up and down with a smiling face upon the discovery of the absolute need to have breakfast in some fast food restaurant. When there are so many fast food places in America that serve variety of things from burgers, to sandwiches, to tacos and burritos during the normal hours, why can't they come up with something creative for the early hours of the day? Something that closely matches their regular menu?

More companies need to be Apple like ...and... 'Think Different'.


  1. I guess India definitely rocks in this sense :)so much variety...

  2. what the fukc are you agreeing to? In India breakfast = oil + lots of spices + whatever. End of the day everything tastes same. Also I don't think you have really tried all the breakfast that's offered here also, go to waffle house and eat some beacon and stuff

  3. Yes geetali... between paranthas in the north and idli/dosa in the south, we have SO much variety... guess it's a grass-greener-on-other-side thing...

  4. u desperately need some idli, dosa, vada... Come to India, n feast on them.... :D