Mar 29, 2007

Oh, What Fun it is to Ride...

...a curvy handled two wheeler!

Now, that summer (or, spring - whatever) is here, I've finally shed all the excessive clothing that I desperately need during the winter months. With this new season and change of weather, a new thrill, a new activity, a new passion has also entered my life - bicycling!

Riding a bike is one thing, all kids (or at least, most) enjoy this activity during the evening hours of their school days on roads, or in parks, or in neighborhoods, or in driveways. I too enjoyed it as a youngster. Racing with friends, counting laps, even going to the neighborhood market to get bread or milk (in India, of course) for household needs. In US, however, I did not have the pleasure of riding and riding like I was having fun, like there was nothing else I would do, or anything I would trade that hour of bonding with my bike for anything. Every time I would see someone on a cycle I would crave for just ek chakkar (one ride). My parents even bought a cycle, but I did not enjoy it as much. I went on road trips and rented bikes, yet it wasn't as satisfying... as today.

Today, I rode through Atlanta. Not on the pavement (or, sidewalks) as I had been doing for the past several days, but on the streets of Atlanta next to the cars and trucks who were going at 35, 45, and even 55 miles/hour. And today, I was happy, excited, thrilled, satisfied, proud, an achiever! Today, I felt like going on forever, not stopping for anything. Today, I had a new energy, for something I truly loved, and continue to love. Today, I've become a cyclist, once again!

On my way to greater rides...
Hail the bike Lords!


  1. Riding on the streets must have been awesome. I also like those Motor-Bike riders and I would anything to get a chance to ride a 'Davidson' swirling across the highways from place to place. I get it why u feel like an achiever !

  2. Here's something to know...
    Next time I go to California (to visit my Mama - uncle), I'll be taking a motorbike course, and getting a motorcycle license.

    uhm, cool huh.

  3. Now I comprehend the gtalk status message! :)

  4. There is a very famous poem called "High flight" by a WWI pilot named Gillespie. Google it up and you shall see the very mood that you have tried to capture in your blog!

    Good writing! I shall visit this blog more often!