Feb 12, 2008

I think I'm in Love...

...with someone on television!
No other love, darlin' I'm flyin'.
No, no other love, darlin' I'm flyin'.
And I can go, I can go anywhere.
No other love can take me there.
-"No Other Love" by Heart

Jennifer Beals came into my life as Bette Porter - one of the characters on the series "The L Word". I won't hesitate in saying, I'm obsessed with her. Her eyes, her lips, her teeth, her smile, her body, her figure, her hands, her fingers, her expressions, her [fictional] life on [The L Word], her scenes, her dialogues, her, her, her... fuck.

YouTube is where I spend a lot of my time these days, watching and re-watching and continuously watching her scenes in TLW. The way she embraces and pulls and kisses the other person, the way she looks at her lover in the middle of kisses or a love scene, the way she smiles when in love, leaves me weak in my knees. Thinking too much about her, which has become too difficult not to do for some reason, always results in a
sigh and a fuck! out my mouth, space between my lips, and her in my eyes :)


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