Aug 18, 2008

White Rings

I think it has been long due and it's finally time to stop holding a small white stick between my fingers and bringing it to my lips repeatedly. It's time to kiss good bye cigarettes. 

I tried my first sutta back in early 2006. Hated it. And continued to hate it until summer 2007 when out of boredom and having a lot of free time at hand, I started smoking away in the afternoons. I would specially walk home from work, smoke one, thoroughly wash my hands and brush my teeth, pop a gum in my mouth and walk back. During the fall semester I started going to the gym, and there came a point when just smelling them from a distance would drive me nuts, I had to hold my breath whenever I walked by someone inhaling and exhaling that poisonous smoke. Soon, lazy-ness came over me, I quit gym and by December the poisonous stick found its way back into my mouth. It wasn't until April 20, 2008 that I decided to kick back for good, as a 21st year resolution to myself (note: I turned 21 on April 22 '08). Good for one month, fighting back the urge, this time I didn't have gym to support my lungs, and within a month my mind said, "ah, what the heck..." and I gave in. 

Now, it's mid August 2008... and trust me when I tell you, no more white rings. At least not when there's no liquor in my body. That makes 85% of the week. Ah, only if there weren't no Fridays.

1 comment:

  1. hey, its cool to find you are kicking the dreadful sutta out of ur life..
    i must say the problems associated with suttebaji far outweigh the pleasure and there's where drinking comes out all winners..
    drinking once in a while not only leaves you happy and cheerful for rest of the week but also leaves behind no fears of addiction and stuff...and the high prices of alcohol, esp. in india prevent u from drinking too much :-)
    best wishes