Nov 13, 2008

Ab Dilli Door Nahi (Delhi Ain't Too Far No More)

November 13, 2008. Have been eagerly waiting for this day since October 24 when I booked my round trip to India. Six week travel starts today, at 5:25pm (EST). Too excited! It has been more than 7 years since I was in India last. Looking forward to meet everyone! Have been getting up in the middle of night for the past two days and looking around to figure out if I'm there already :P

So far, my schedule looks pretty busy. Landing on 14th midnight.. will be 1-2a by the time I step out of the airport. Leaving for Shimla with grandparents the same morning. Return on 19th, with 20-21 in Delhi.. when I hopefully go to Pragati Maidan to attend a Trade Fair with school friends. Flying to Hydrabad sometime in the evening of 21st. Nothing planned after that, but hopefully I'll also visit Pune and Mumbai to visit family and friends on my way back to Delhi. After that, Dilli and UP!

So mostly, travel all over. Just have my fingers crossed that I don't get sick. Any pointers?

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