Mar 17, 2009

IITians/Techies Launch Website

Neel and Punit, both IITians who came to the US to further their education at Georgia Tech, are now working at Capital One (Richmond, VA) and Endeavor Telecom (Atlanta, GA), respectively. They were roommates at one point and shared the dream of starting a business some day. Not necessarily together, but yea.. being their own boss - be it on the side - was something they craved dearly.

Not long ago, Neel had an idea about creating a site that compares stock websites (websites where you purchase stocks). This way, instead of individuals doing their own research, this website - Compare Broker - does the work for them. I remember, driving down to Richmond on the July 4th '08 weekend so that the two could discuss this idea further and start working on it. I also remember, how many times Punit decided to skip social settings just to continue to work on this. And wah-la.. in about eight months the idea has been converted into a website that is up and running - It has only recently been launched and is in the early stages of generating traffic for Google indexing. So please, don't be thrown off yet :). A blog has also been setup so the users know what's new with Compare Broker. Being in a fast pace social networking environment, the owners decided to set up a Twitter account as well, so if you tweet do follow @comparebroker.

I know the owners personally and am proud of the hard work they're putting in. Do check out their site and feel free to provide input. It'll reach them, I promise! :D

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  1. Hi Geetali, Its nice to be on your blog. BTW I have started a new blog dedicated to my sketch work — Art on Sketchbook