Aug 18, 2009

Weekly Summer

Summer's over. It was long and busy. Lot's happened. One thing, however, did not - Blog.

In spite of telling, requesting, ordering myself to write, hoping to again start doing something that I enjoy, I just never sat down to gather my thoughts and type. Time certainly was an issue: there were instances when I slept for only four hours a day, for several days. There were moments, when I didn't have time to
think, must less remember the to-do list. There were mornings when I left home before six-am and nights when I didn't return until after midnight, many times in a single twenty-four hour span.

So yeah, the summer was long and busy, a lot happened. I learned. I grew. Visited home a lot. Worked my ass off. Walked in the sun. Knocked on doors. Counted furniture. Delivered pizzas. Drank. Smoked. Ran. Biked. Lost weight. Ate six meals a day. Made my first gay friends. Kissed my first lesbian girl. Started dressing well. Gave away food. Listened to symphonies. Bought my second MAC. Saw Paul McCartney. Learned stick shift driving. Drove a convertible. Got my first speeding ticket. Went to sleep by the pool side. Talked to a lot of people. Read. Listened. Appreciated. Changed.

And decided, to finally put my decision into effect, of writing, something substantial, at least once a week. I probably will start with a few of the many, many stories I have from the summer. Now that I think about it, 2009 may have been the best summer yet, since 2004, and it deserves to be shared.

Next post: in seven days, or less.