Aug 25, 2009

iWorship Apple

I bought the long awaited 13-inch MacBook Pro - better known as, mehbook - on July 30, 2009 with a 32 GB iPod Touch for mother. In store, paid $1498 - $1099 for mehbook + $399 for the Touch - and zilch tax (GA Tax free weekend). iTouch was to cost $170 after a mail-in rebate.

Yippy! Oh wait, SHIT.

Mail-in rebate is a term I dread and love at the same time. Love it because of the discount. Hate it because of the intense, head scratching, tear shedding paperwork. It is one of the many things that deepens my belief of businesses not giving a shit, and sucking the individual up to a point of frustration and dismissal.

That's why Apple's rebate process surprised the fuck outta me!
1) Go to

2) Click on Submit Your Claim.

3) Sign in using your Apple ID.

4) Enter your contact information.

5) Enter purchase information.

6) Submit.

That is it! And with in ten-days of submitting this super easy, self-explainatory form, I receive the following email.

Picture 2.png

Yes, I am an Apple Worshipper. This is an example why.


  1. I think you are writing good. Why did you stop after August 09

  2. @K_Shah.. thanks! Stopped writing as a combination of laziness and busyness. Getting much regular now, keep visiting!