Aug 25, 2009

Girl Love

Following a tiring weekend, I did make it to work this Monday morning; only thirty minutes late. After a long time, I enjoyed working. Partly because I was constantly busy, mostly because training is starting to set in and unknowns are slowly disappearing. Though being diligent the entire time, minus salad and tea breaks, my low voice and slow movements were screaming for rest.

After reaching home, I spent an hour feeding my body and senses with bread/hummus and Super News before setting an alarm for a thirty minute nap at 5:15 PM, which upon going off was extended for another thirty minutes, and then another. The last leg of the "nap", however, was cut short when all three of my roommates walked in with a tiny envelope, smiling excitedly. I returned their "hi" with half open eyes and slightly lifting my hand. In a split second my eyes were shut again, and a questioning "hmm" sound escaped from somewhere. I don't exactly remember what happened between that "hmm" and the envelope finding it's way into my hand, but after reading the words "Belated Happy B'day Geetali. From Nithya, Kritika, Ruchika" I kept on repeating the words "What The Hell!" Couldn't think of anything else to vocalize my dumbfoundedness (if that is a word). Not even when Nithya exclaimed, "What, what the hell?!" To my surprise, I answered her by saying, "No, I don't mean what the hell, but I mean, WHAT THE HELL!" :)

Inside the envelope was a Macy's gift card. I have been asked to go buy something and show it around before it finds its way into my closet.

Totally unexpected! Totally awesome!

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