Dec 5, 2009

Travel Green

Stopped using MARTA - Atlanta's public transit system - at the end of my Spring 2009 semester at Georgia State University. In spite of working at the university over this past summer, I chose not to commute using the train. Initial reason was to get in shape. I bicycled, walked, even ran to work sometimes. After a couple of weeks, however, addition of a second job - about 20 miles from GSU - on my daily to-do list, prohibited the possibility of foot or public transport, leaving the sole alternative: burning petroleum every single day of the week. And so I did, for the next eight months, until December 1, 2009.

Ever since my decision to move to the heart of Midtown Atlanta - Intersection of Peachtree Street and Ponce De Leon Avenue - I had been excited about walking to everywhere! However, after the initiation of the Daily Fuel-Burn program, I started driving to everywhere! Even if I had to go a few blocks to Tenth and Piedmont, or even worse, two blocks to North Ave and Piedmont!

Thus, four days ago, on the first day of the last month of the last year of the first decade of this second millennium a.d., after several months of procrastinating the application of this idea, I decided to again start using Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) for all my in-town commutes.

Happy to announce: I am now a Green Commuter. And with this mother nature love comes the free tool of just enough alone time to get in touch with one's inside nature, to keep it in check and make sure it's getting enough music, podcast listening, and reading time.

Signing off,
-Happy Soul, oh yeah...